A Chasing Inseupiriteu

An Inspirit for an infinitely amazing Infinite.
I'm going to chase my fixed stars and keep them in voice of my heart c';

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While Sunggyu is telling about scary story...

  • Sunggyu: I have one scary story, don't be surprised
  • Sunggyu to Dongwoo: You have to listen to this
  • Sunggyu: I think L hate to listen to it
  • Myungsoo: Yes, I hate it
  • Sunggyu: So, there's an office
  • Woohyun: Yes
  • Sunggyu: It's about a busy worker
  • Woohyun: Uhh
  • Sunggyu: Who has to work in two unknown place, here and there every day
  • Woohyun: So two place in a day?
  • Sunggyu: Yes, here and there
  • Sungyeol: *kneel down* I can't concentrate
  • Sunggyu to Woohyun: Be quiet, I'm talking now, viewers are also anticipating my story
  • Sunggyu: Since the worker didn't know the area, he tried to ask how to go out
  • Howon: Of course he has to ask
  • *Sunggyu glares at Howon*
  • Howon: Ah, no no, continue it
  • Sunggyu to Howon: Can't you ask?
  • Sunggyu: So he asked the people around there, they said the fastest way is through the tunnel, but they said don't ever go through the tunnel at night, but the worker thought "ah, what could be happened at this time" so he went through the tunnel, then in the middle, the car engine is stopped, and the lamps inside the tunnel, are turned off one by one from the furthest
  • Howon: What? Was he having birthday party?
  • Sunggyu: ....
  • Sunggyu: I'm not telling this
  • Sunggyu to Howon: You come with me *dragged Howon jokingly*
  • Woohyun: This is a scary story, up until the tunnel but now....
  • Sunggyu: That's right, I'm talking now...
  • Myungsoo: I'm here listening *raise hand*
  • *Woohyun surprised Dongwoo*
  • Dongwoo: Ah, really
  • Howon: At least let's hear the story till the end
  • Sunggyu: So, at the dark tunnel, can't see anything, can't hear anything, suddenly, someone knocked the car' window kung kung kung, then the lights (inside the tunnel) are turned on, then he went outside the tunnel right away, in the morning, he woke up and saw hand prints on the car' window, he brought his car to the car wash, but... the hand prints.. are not at the outside, but inside
  • Sungyeol: Eh?
  • Myungsoo: Did he ride the car alone?
  • Sunggyu: ........... think carefully now, why were there any hand prints there? Ah, like this how can I tell scary story * frustrated* their understanding is..
  • Howon: You said the car is crushed?
  • Sunggyu: It's not like that.. inside the car.. the ghost... DO I REALLY HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS?
  • Howon: But this is scary
  • Sunggyu: That's right, it's scary
  • Sungjong: It supposed to be scary story, but it's not scary anymore now
  • Woohyun: But it's really scary *pointing at his goosebumps*
  • *Sunggyu hi5ed Woohyun*
  • Howon to the staff: How are you going to edit this?
  • Sunggyu: .....
  • *note, it's only a rough translation, sorry if there's any mistake : )